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Bishop Leofric Court No. 58 - Meeting at Mt. Edgcumbe Masonic Hall, Plymouth PL1 2NG

Secretary: C Adams. 

Email:  /

  Tel: 01208 87366  M: 0779 874 8570

Meeting Dates: the 1st Tues in Mar, 2nd Tues in June and 1st Tues in Nov (I)

Court of Aedelred No. 66 -  Meeting at Masonic Hall, Burnham-on-Sea TA8 1NX

Secretary: D Attwater. 


Tel:01179 380271

Meeting Dates: the 3rd Mon in Mar, May, and Oct (I)

King Hywel of Cornwall Court No. 69 - Meeting at the Masonic Hall, Perranporth

Secretary: P Everest. 


  Tel: 01736 756867

Meeting Dates: the 1st working day of the 5th week in Jan, 2nd Mon in June (I) and 4th Mon in Nov

Court of King Cerdic No. 82 - Meeting at the Masonic Hall, Honiton EX14 1ND

Secretary: C D Hallett: 


Tel: 01404 831663  M: 07971 662 449

Meeting Dates: the 3rd Wed in Feb (I), June and Oct

Court of St. Germans No. 97 - Meeting at the Masonic Hall, Liskeard PL14 6AF

Secretary: Barry Chalkley (act): 


Tel: 01841 540328

Meeting Dates: the penultimate working day in April, 2nd Thurs in Aug, and 2nd Fri in Dec (I)

Court of King Ine No. 143 - Meeting at Masonic Hall, Beaminster DT8 3LU

Secretary: P Brice-Bullows: 


Tel: 01460 64681

Meeting Dates: the 1st Mon in Feb (I), June and Oct

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