Provincial Officers 2020-21

Provincial Grand Master                                   -     Right Worshipful Brother Roger W Freeman, KCAG

Deputy Provincial Grand Master                   -     Right Worshipful Brother K Barry Chalkley, MBE, KAG PJGW

Provincial Eminent Grand Prior                    -     Worshipful & Eminent Brother Michael G Williams, PDepGCofG

Provincial Senior Grand Warden                  -     Worshipful & Eminent Brother Arthur C Barker, PDepGCofG

Provincial Junior Grand Warden                  -     Worshipful Brother Dr. Henry C Jaggers, ProvJGW

Provincial Grand Secretary                            -     Worshipful  & Eminent Brother Chris D Hallett, KAG GBurgh

Provincial Grand Treasurer                            -     Worshipful Brother Michael Daniels, KAG PDepCofG

Provincial Grand Marshal                                -     Worshipful Brother Gary M Peard,  ProvGMar

Provincial Grand Almoner                               -     Worshipful Brother Chris Maxwell, ProvGAlm

Provincial Deputy Grand Marshal                -     Worship Brother Chris Court, ProvDepGMar

Provincial Senior Grand Deacon                  -     Worshipful Brother Robert F Summers, ProvSGD

Provincial Junior Grand Deacon                  -     Worshipful Brother Jeff L Short, KAG ProvJGD

Povincial Grand Organist                                 -     Worshipful Brother Marshall G Westley, ProvGOrg

Provincial Grand Captain of the Guards   -     Worshipful Brother Colin A Adams, ProvGCofG

Provincial Grand Guard                                     -     Worshipful Brother Mark P S Bajona, ProvGGuard


Past Rank Promotions 2020-21

Past Provincial Senior Grand Deacon         -     Worshipful Brother Paul Whittaker                   Court 82

Past Provincial Junior Grand Deacon         -     Worshipful Brother John H J Kidd                     Court 66

Past Provincial Grand Banner Bearer         -    Worshipful Brother Roger E Norman                 Court 97

Past Provincial Grand Captain of Guards  -     Worshipful Brother Peter C Bailey                      Court 82

The Ancient Masonic Order of Alfred the Great


This is a separate reward-based Order, recognising meritorious service by members of the Order of Athelstan. The Head of the Ancient Order is the then current Grand Master of the Masonic Order of Athelstan, taking the title Sovereign Grand Master (SGM).

Members hold one of three progressive grades: Knight (KAG), Knight Commander (KCAG) or Knight Grand Cross (GCAG).

AMOAG Members in Dumnonia

WBro. D S Perkins                                                        KAG       06 November 2015

RWBro. K R D Waters    ProvGM (Wessex)          KAG       19 March 2016

RWBro. K B Chalkley     PJGW                                 KAG       27 October 2017

W&EBro. C D Hallett     GBurgh                              KAG       27 October 2017

RWBro. R W Freeman  ProvGM (Dumnonia)     KAG       27 October 2017

                                                                                              KCAG    30 April 2019

Rufus “ Medical Dog”    GGuard                                KAG       14 April 2018     (field promotion)

WBro. J L Short                                                            KAG       26 October 2018

WBro. J M Daniels         PDepGCofG                      KAG       25 October 2019

WBro. C A Cox                 PDepGCofG                      KAG       25 October 2019

WBro. D R Attwater      DepGSec                            KAG       26 October 2018

​​VWBro. P W Hughes    PGSwdB                             KAG        25 October 2019

WBro. B W Slade           PDepGCofG                      KAG        15 October  2021

WBro. A C Barker          PDepGCofG                      KAG         29 October 2021

W&EBro. B B Kessell  PDepGCofG                       KAG         29 October 2021