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Provincial Officers 2023-24


Provincial Grand Master                             -           Right Worshipful Brother K Barry Chalkley, MBE, KCAG, PJGW

Deputy Provincial Grand Master               -           Worshipful  Brother Chris D Hallett, KAG, PGBurgh

Provincial Eminent Grand Prior                -           Worshipful & Eminent Brother Julian A N Frost

Provincial Senior Grand Warden               -           Worshipful Brother Dr. Henry C Jaggers PGCofG

Provincial Junior Grand Warden                -           Worshipful Brother Robert F Summers

Provincial Grand Secretary                         -           Worshipful  Brother Chris J Jeffery

Provincial Grand Registrar                         -           Worshipful  Brother Colin A Adams, PDepGCofG

Provincial Grand Treasurer                        -           Worshipful Brother Tony S R Pinnell, KAG, PJGD

Provincial Grand Marshal                           -           Worshipful Brother Chris C Court, KAG, PGBannerB

Provincial Grand Almoner                          -           Worshipful Brother Chris J Maxwell

Provincial Grand Sword Bearer                 -     

Provincial Deputy Grand Marshal             -           Worship Brother Paul Whittaker, KAG,

Provincial Senior Grand Deacon               -           Worshipful Brother Mark P S Bajona, KAG,

Provincial Junior Grand Deacon                -           Worshipful Brother Graham P Jose

Povincial Grand Organist                            -           Worshipful Brother Marshall G Westley, DepGOrg

Provincial Grand Banner Bearer               -            Worshipful Brother David S Perkins MBE KAG,

Provincial Grand Captain of the Guards  -           Worshipful Brother David Wakely

Provincial Grand Guard                              -           Worshipful Brother Richard Orchard

Past Rank Promotions 2020-21

Past Provincial Junior Grand Deacon         -        Worshipful Brother John H J Kidd                     Court 66

Past Provincial Grand Banner Bearer         -       Worshipful Brother Roger E Norman                 Court 97

Past Rank Promotions 2023-24

Past Provincial Senior Grand Deacon         -       Worshipful Brother Richard T Turner                Court 82

Past Provincial Junior Grand Warden         -       Worshipful Brother Kieran Hughes                    Court 66





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